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Lost \ Stray Birds

On certain occasions, racing pigeons may be unable to get home to their racing loft. This can be caused by a number of factors including bad weather, fatigue or a lack of water causing the pigeon to become dehydrated. In the majority of occasions after a short recuperation period, the pigeon will be capable of finally reaching its destination. However on some occasions, pigeons may need the attention of their owners before they return to full health. In these cases we rely on non-fanciers to contact the appropriate people in our sport in order to organise the safe return of these pigeons to their owners. In order to assist, please see the directions below on how to identify the bird and report it to the appropriate organisation.

To identify the pigeon there will be a unique identity ring on its leg. If the pigeon was competing in a race then there may be a rubber ring also, but please look for a metal ring. On this metal ring there will be identification details, which comprise of letters and numbers. The letters identify the Federation it belongs to, and the numbers identify the owner of the pigeon.

The example in the picture show is IHU 2002 S 012345. In this case the pigeon belongs to the Irish Homing Union Southern Region Section. The pigeon was bred in the year 2002 and 012345 is assigned to a particular owner.

Please take all these details down and contact the appropriate Federation at the details below. They will contact the owner and organise the safe return of the pigeon.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Without your help many pigeons would never make it home!

IHU S - Web : www.irishhomingunion.com
IHU N - Web : www.irishhomingunion.com
GB - Web : www.rpra.org
SU - Web : www.shuonline.co.uk
NEHU - Web : www.nehu.co.uk
WHPU - Web : welshhomingpigeonunion.moonfruit.com
NWHU - North West Homing Union Tel: 01257 421271 
BELG - Royale Federation Tel: 0032 25374134